There are many positive developments in the Nigerian Agriculture space including improved productivity in crops like Soya bean, Maize and Cassava.

Furthermore, the intensification in Cassava has worked well and Oyo State and indeed Nigeria now has the highest output in the world- producing high -yielding, early bulking varieties resistant to CMD varieties.

Oyo State is now poised to translate this progress in to greater revenue through careful and strategic planning.

IITA is excited to work alongside the Oyo State Agriculture Ministry and the Private Sector to make a concerted effort to produce derivatives of Cassava, namely Starch Flour Ethanol and Sweetener, for domestic use and for export.

Being the number one producer of Cassava production, Oyo state can lead the way in replacing imported Wheat up to 20% in
bread and 40% in other confectionaries.

The quest for Self -sufficiency in Rice, Maize, Soybean, and Poultry production; 50 %self -sufficiency in Fish, Wheat, and Dairy production by 2019 can only be achieved through the establishment of a private sector -led, government-enabled input distribution platform for the dissemination of a technology package.

He said the way forward is to use research to serve the needs of the industry via reform of the Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN) from a coordinating research council to a managing research council.

Oyo State must become develop a capacity for project management and policy making via training of staff all levels in financial and technical management.

It must also must create new a generation of farmers and Agri-preneurs by recruiting, training and mentoring 40 ,000 young men and women under the ENABLE Youth program of the Government and the AFDB.


The Essence of the Summit

OYSAIS is designed to attract Private Sector Finance and Investment Companies, Infrastructure Experts Fund Managers International Development Banks and all potential investors who are interested in the Agriculture and Agro- Allied Industry.


The Oyo State Agriculture Investment Summit (OYSAIS) is the flagship Investment Summit that ushers in a fresh approach to Agriculture in Oyo State.

It heralds the Public Private Partnership between Oyo State Ministry of Agriculture and Private companies engaged in the Agriculture and Agro- Allied sector.

This is an approach supported by IITA, ALP and all the main partners of Oyo State Agriculture Sector. The Summit declares Oyo State Open for the business of mechanized and industrial farming and calls for participation and contributions from all types of companies.

Who Should Attend?

All major stakeholders in the Agriculture sector Farmers Landholders Major corporations with an interest in Agriculture and Agro-Allied sector, Agriculture Agents Cooperatives, Development Banks and Commercial Banks, Private Equity firms, Insurers, Pension Funds Senior Executives from Government Agencies with a stake in Agriculture