22 Apr 2018


High population growth and growing income lead to increasing demand for poultry products in Nigeria. The poultry industry has emerged as the most commercialized and fastest expanding segment in the animal husbandry subsector but still faces many problems. Private investment from foreign countries could help to facilitate this market

Despite these positive aspects, poultry production has not been keeping pace with rapidly increasing domestic consumption. The domestic shortfall is estimated at 25,000 MT per annum (Rothschild 2002).

This represents potential market and profitability for investors. Improvements in breeding, husbandry, and management are needed to increase the efficiency in chicken

22 Apr 2018


Sorghum is the fifth most important cereal crop in the world after wheat, maize, rice, and barley: In terms of tonnage, sorghum is Africa’s second most important cereal. The continent produces about 20 million tonnes of sorghum per annum, about one-third of the world crop.

Sorghum malt could be used to make biscuits, weaning foods, Sorghum flour is used for making bread It is largely used in making animal and poultry feeds

Alternative uses of sorghum such as novel foods, processed foods, feed for dairy animals, and industrial uses – starch, beverages (beer) and ethanol.

Thus, commercialization of alternative food, feed, and industrial products is one of the ways to increase demand for sorghum. The potential for sorghum to be the driver of economic development in Africa is enormous.

22 Apr 2018


Maize is a staple food for many people around the world.. We are seeking to attract companies and organizations who have developed State of the Art process technology for conventional Maize milling.

In the context of Oyo State Maize should be considered along with Sorghum because the combination is used in Poultry and other animal   Feed.

It is used in the production of whiskey from distilled Corn. The corn germ produced during the separation of corn component is used to produce glue and it is also used to feed livestock.

Corn oil obtained from maize is also used in many cosmetics, soaps, medicines, and other products.